Leb Ref 22


Greetings Lebanon and friends,

Well, I didn’t get the update for this week out when I would have liked, 
What remains is the Regional Convocation in Annapolis tomorrow and SaturdayI will not be immediately available during that time, but I will have my mobile and can be reached. Also, THIS SUNDAY we will remember St. James the Brother of the Lord and Martyr. It falls on the 23rd. The Color is RED.

Here’s what’s coming next week (the week of the 23rd):

Week of the 23rd:


                     Acts Bible Study (ZOOM) at 10am.

                     Adult Catechism at 7pm.


Ornament making for Strasburg Christmas parade from 9am to 1pm at Melinda Reidy’s pottery studio. Address and phone number will be in Sunday’s Bulletin.


                     Matins at 8:15am

                     Confession and Absolution at 10am

                     Communion Service at 1:30pm

                     NO VESPERS – Pastor will be in Harrisonburg at the Mission

Looking Ahead:

Sunday October 30th is the Festival of the REFORMATION, wear RED and SING LOUD!


The CONGREGATIONAL MEETING has been scheduled for November 20th, after the Divine Service.

I’m going to be adding these “FACES OF THE REFORMATION” Inserts to our Bulletins for the following weeks. They still have “Reformation 2017” on them due to their being created for the 500th Anniversary, but the info is still good.

Also, our FOOD DRIVE is continuing through November, so there is ample opportunity to get some things for that.

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